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End of Days

©2007 Savage Sun | The Art of Being Alive

Get blown to smithereens as I step onto the scene
Bringing forth the kinda things you couldn't possibly dream
This Epic discovery something that's never been seen
Uprising into oxblood skies and bellowing

Billowing through your city streets, echoes fracturing
Window panes willow trees weep in wind that's howling
With the fury of a million fires catchin' the breeze
Blazing gusts hit your chest, your breath fades to a wheeze

Yes, this global shift leaves you stranded adrift
As you struggle for survival against the shattering rift
Left danglin' with nothin' from the crumblin' cliff
The distress is overwhelming while the defeat is swift

Barreling through the killing fields it's gettin' grim
So brace as you're faced with the sweltering winds
Don't bother ta search for words there's no way to describe
The savageness ah the collapse, you're trapped inside

Fightin' for your life against the pitch ah the grade
The end of days sendin' mcs straight away to the grave
Don't start thinkin' you're brave and stray from under the shade
It'll be a solemn parade when you sense everything fade

The kind of exchange stealing a part of your soul
Savage molten heat meltin' right through your hold
And now you're bucklin' like knees beneath the cripplin' weight
The mastermind to you audio slaves so get it straight

One man has risen from the sand who stands
Holdin' it all by a strand within the strength of his hands
And wont let go of the pen although reality bends
Capturing the hopes of a endless number of men

Emerging from our species is a whole new being
So believe what you're seeing before screaming and fleeing
You're shuttering, stuttering, left breathing heavily
Steadily, Incredibly I guide the melody

For the legions still alive and for those who have died
That tried with all their might, although destroyed in the fight
Who gave their lives despite not grabbin' holda the light
I alone achieved immaculate flight by birthright

And so the legend is no legend at all
The halls of Valhalla have delivered the fallen
men who were slain and it's so insane
It ain't rain but time that washes away the pain

Ah the centuries of labor leading up to this stage
Instilled the warrior spirit into the heart of the sage
Meant to align the tribes, guiding them through the storm
Into the dawn of the sun and to the edge of the shore

Eons passin' by signified by the tears
From the eyes for the fears representing the years
Of strugglin' unda clear skies uprising severe
Symbolized by the sheer brilliance of the sunrise

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