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©2007 Savage Sun, Honest Jon | The Art of Being Alive

Walkin' through a sea of faces
Walkin' past these old places that I know so well … so well
I know that they haven't changed
I know that I'm not the same … the streets can't tell
And they never will

I've always known I could tackle victory on my own
A man is forced to be strong when he's standing alone
I’m a force to be reckoned with—of course I hold
A belief in myself that’s supernatural

So I shoveled all the bitches that have doubted my flow
Straight into the furnace—they were nothin' but coal
Only fuel that accelerated the speed of my stroll
To escape the dying city that was stealing my soul

And I change like the day cuz life ain't ever the same
Sometimes it's all I got to keep from going insane
And despite the fight, I ignite the flame
I took a knife to the belly, sliced open the game

Simply ta murder the pain in the name of this art
Ripped and pulled at my heart until I've torn it apart
Left for all to see what I hold on my sleeve
I won't leave til I achieve what it is I believe

Repeat Chorus

And the essence of the struggle is the incredible thing
So I embrace this life with everything that it brings
And Ima leap from this branch with or without the wings
Devoting every ounce of my soul to this dream

So you're outta your wig if you think ima park this
Ima drive this beat till I smash through the darkness
Then spark the blaze, penetrating the haze
And cast light upon this planet til the end of my days

We are born in this life with the right to choose
Some fight for the right to win and some lose
Some write ill raps while some sing the blues
Not another man alive who could fill these shoes

Repeat Chorus

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