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©2007 Savage Sun | The Art of Being Alive

The passion cuts so deep, don't give a fuck about fame
There's only one essential thing, it's maintaining this flame
And I keep the fire stirrin' like a blizzard outside
Is tearin' down the whole damn house no where to hide

I've dedicated my life, why's it portrayed as a game?
The truth I'm unleashings a testament uh my pain
And Ima fight with a fury you'll consider insane
Till I'm satisfied the Earth values the worth of my name

Against the grimmest of odds, I shook a dangerous past
A dark future then told there was no way I could last
But impossible is nothing, the possibilities vast
Whoda guessed Savage Sun would steal the light from the blast?

There's no rhyme or reason though the reason I rhyme
Is that the seasons keep on changing and the plan is divine
Now its outta my hands and the point of no return
Is a place that I gassed then passed and watched burn

Last time I checked the sky possessed space
For me to make my mark and take my rightful place
With effortless movement and all flaws erased
Where the apex will find me adjacent to grace

Let It Fall
We took the Light from the Blast
Sun we have Liftoff

A look through my window it reveals a scene
That long ago broke a promise of a beautiful dream
But Ima piece it back together meticulously
Transform imagination into true destiny

You gotta stand with strength when it's dark in the rain
Life calls at times that you must walk toward the pain
Don't ask; don't even think of telling me to refrain
I've paid my dues, and the scars are forever engrained

Its painful yes, true—few reach the sacred
Most are destroyed, consumed by self-hatred
Respect the source like the fierce Western Tide
And pray that your path and mine never collide

So let the sky fall, let it all fall down
The Sun is skybound, not gravity nor ground
Can hold down my volition or this voyage now
We have liftoff through supernatural sound

Last time I checked, the sky still had space
To replace my dreams with the truth they chase
Fascinated by the sky since it's the future I face
Open arms toward the fate that I was meant to embrace

Let It Fall
We took the Light from the Blast
Sun we have Liftoff

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