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We Keep it Movin'

©2007 Savage Sun | The Art of Being Alive

We keep it movin' though our eyes are burnin'
Just as determined as this world thats turnin'
This world thats turnin', this world thats turnin'
We keep it movin' like this world thats turnin' (x2)

The day's vanishin', the light becoming dim
The chill from the westerly wind is sweepin' in
As night is fallin' I'm riskin' life and limb
Though the path still unravels, so I keep travelin'

Far in the distance—low and behold
The moonlight reflects a man refusin' ta fold
Who's got fire in his eyes as he's bravin' the cold
Only a fool would question the conviction he holds

So meet a man whose soul is not for sale
Who doesn't understand what it means to fail
Like a runaway locomotive grippin' the rail
I'm barralin' with fury as I'm carvin' the trail

Spinnin' on this universal axel of time
Sublime is my description of this uphill climb
High up on the globe I'm blessed to be caressed
By the breast of mother Earth also known as the nest

The Northwest of the U.S. is jet black tonight
Still a long way to go but I got this golden light
You ever seen a soul and a sword so bright?
Ima take flight its time to make things right


On a wall in my rib cage hangs a frame and a heart
That I’ve been leveling since birth and casually calling art
But since the moment I decided to move my art to the basement
Bass-heads have been bangin' for days in amazement

And the word on the streets in that the natives are restless
While the social unrest and misery seem endless
Those sworn to protect prey on the most defenseless
It's the reason that the Reverend remains relentless

In case you didn't know yo I'm flyin' this planet
So kick your seats back cuz I got no plans to land it
And if somethin' goes wrong, you've got no reason to panic
I'm not just a pilot, I'm a damn good mechanic

This pirate radio is causin' mainstream confusion
Destined to dismantle—destroy the institution
Invincible in spirit, equipped with the solution
This rebel with the rhythm is poised for revolution


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