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Wither Not

©2007 Savage Sun | The Art of Being Alive

From Spring to Autumn and back to Spring
From the top to the bottom, everything I've seen
From all that I've received to everything I bring
I've walked the path of a peasant but now I'm King

This beat in my chest remindin' me I'm blessed
I give it no less than a soul possessed
So I don't know what it means to rest
I wont surrender to the struggle til I reach the crest

Until the hands in the crowd extend to the walls
Til the walls break down then there's nothing at all
Until the music that binds us removes the pain
Until the moment that you and I feel the same

No need to say but it's so true that life is strange
The essence though the tragedy that life must change
So close and yet so far away and it's insane
The dream can never die so long as hope remains

Every step is a sign that its by design
And divine similar to how the planets align
So keep climbing til the destinations far behind
Until the rain in your mind is replaced by sunshine

Give just a little more got when you've got nothing inside
It's truly unbelievable the kinda strength you'll find
So shine bright and follow your fate toward the sky
If you got courage and faith, then you got enough to fly

I move along til there's no denying that I'm strong
Til there's no difference between me and the song
This is all about a feeling that we manifest
Until the ceiling is my floor I'm gonna give it my best

I'll be deliverin' until the bitter end, grimicin'
Finishin', I'm not your average citizen
This castaway rowin' toward the storm wile shiverin'
Far beyond the heights where men begin witherin'

We won't step down no we wont step down
Not for one moment…Not even to elevate!

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