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Savage Sun 1 Sheet

Savage Sun
Savage Sun Wiki

Eleven local bands and artists to watch in 2011
Calvin Cox | River Front Times | January 6, 2011

Savage Sun's alternative style of hip-hop has created a buzz both nationally and abroad after his freshman full-length album, The Art of Being Alive, netted him the accolades of both CDBaby and URB magazine. He's spent much of the time since promoting the album and honing his stage performance at the Play:STL Music Festival and SLUMfest. Next year could be big for Sav; he's gearing up to release an EP titled Rebel's Odyssey, a documentary of his promotional tour in Germany and a comic book penned by Philadelphia artist James Comey.

Riverfront Times

Savage Sun Chosen for Exclusive Editor's Pick Honor by CD Baby
Brad Bush | CD Baby | April 28, 2009

If you prefer your hip hop with some depth, some interrogative soul-searching, and most of all, some humble intelligence, you've come to the right spot. This is an MC whose approach to lyricism and beatmaking is both abstract and accessible, with a sharp focus on the subtleties of the music and the points to be made with the words.

Topics includes spiritual dedications (the soft-but-firm “Requiem Aeternus”), relationships (the heart-wrenching “Tight Grip on Nothing”) and the potential trappings of the rap game (the dark bounce of “Filthy Town”). With each track's theme receiving undivided attention, the thoughts are fully fleshed out until the job is done. Using a wide variety of strings and percussion, the beats here hit hard, whether the vibe is slow and steady or decidedly upbeat, and they make solid stepping stones for the collection of infectious hooks that grace the cuts. It gets deep, but Sun's not afraid to get your head bobbin' while he's at it.

CD Baby


Savage Sun Selected for URB Magazine's Next 1000
Aylin Zafar | URB Magazine | April 26, 2009

Melding classical music with pulsating beats and emcee Savage Sun’s hard-hitting flow, the Missouri resident’s sound is unique and emotional. Helped along by a melancholy piano and dizzying violin work, Savage Sun is bringing the focus back to the music. With fourteen years in the game, 35 recorded songs, and eleven album features, Sun sees this as his perfect time to emerge out onto the scene with a solo album (The Art of Being Alive). Check out “Forced.”

URB Magazine


Interview with Atomic Town
Bethany Lee | Tri-City Herald & Atomic Town | March 07, 2008

There is an art to being alive and Christopher Lee Schamber knows it. The rocker-turned hip-hop artist released The Art of Being Alive, his debut independent album that is his life compressed into 15-tracks.

Born in California, Schamber moved to West Richland for two years during high school. After leaving to explore his musical ambitions, he moved back in 2004 and recently moved to St. Louis, Missouri last year as a strategic decision to push his music in the Midwest. Continued …

Tri-City Herald | Atomic Town


Interview with 209VIBE
Ian Hill | Stockton Record & 209VIBE | October 10, 2007

You can't say it's only about the commercialism, the cribs and the money. You can't say rappers are teenage thugs lacking any real talent. You can't—because rappers such as Stockton's Savage Sun will be there to prove you wrong. The album brings together complex, layered beats with the rapper's intense delivery and often-introspective lyrics. Continued …

Stockton Record

Album Review — The Art of Being Alive
Ian Hill | 209VIBE Editor | July 02, 2007

The title speaks volumes on, The Art of Being Alive, the latest CD from St. Louis-by-way-of-Stockton rapper Savage Sun. He implies that it can take artistry and dedication just to make it through the day. That idea is reflected on the deep beats and dark subject matter of the album, which opens with a wheeping string progression on “We Keep it Movin'.” “We keep it movin' though our eyes are burnin' … just as determined as this world is turning,” Savage Sun rhymes. “Requiem Aeternus” describes the rapper's feelings about the death of his father, while on “Skybound” he rhymes about remaining committed to his art despite the challenges he faces. Of course, some alternative rappers have gone through this type of self-exploration before. If you've listened to Atmosphere or Sage Francis, you'll recognize the sound, feel and sense of struggle on The Art of Being Alive. Still, for the most part, hip-hop tends to stay in da club and away from life's more serious subjects. It's refreshing to hear another voice taking rap in a different direction.


Interview with Reactor Magazine
Reactor Magazine| Spring 2007

Born and Raised in NorCal (outside of San Francisco), I began freestyling and writing rhymes in 1996 purely for personal enjoyment, then began recording music in professional studios in that same year. The idea for my stage name came to me later in a nightmare and resonated perfectly with my creative aspirations. 33+ songs later, I’m now coming into my own. Continued on Page 18 …

Reactor Magazine

Album Review — The Art of Being Alive
Toriano L. Porter | Inbox Magazine

In an album dedicated to the memory of his father, Savage Sun takes the cerebral approach to The Art of Being Alive, unveiling a barrage of multi-layered rhymes, tantalizing beats and a few clever plays on words. The album is homage to a righteous way of living, sans the preaching and the holiness one would expect from a disc that's so full of positive and radiant energy. Produced in St. Louis, recorded in Seattle, Washington and San Fran and mastered in Hollywood, Being Alive is accompanied by a well-produced cinematic video to Savage's “Tight Grip On Nothing.” The album and related video should have Savage's pops, Kenneth Schamber, smiling heavenly down on his offspring, knowing his boy done good.

Inbox Magazine


Album Review — The Art of Being Alive
Kevin O'Shaughnessy | Freelance Journalist

The word diversity comes to mind as I try to put words to this powerful body of work from Savage Sun. Years in the making, this collection of soul script has been worth the wait. The tougher the path, the stronger the individual and Savage Sun lays down the hard won wisdom from a life well lived. The tracks range from soul soothing to heart gripping and ass kicking as the CD swings through the seasons. The delivery and contribution from all involved in this project has made a CD well worth adding to your catalog. (5 Stars)

Kevin O'Shaughnessy


Album Review — The Art of Being Alive
Bethany Lee | Tri-City Herald & Atomic Town

The album is a reflection of his experiences on gang-filled streets and tries to make sense of the social injustices he's witnessed first-hand. But don't think this album is just another hip-hop album that talks about a hard-knock life. Schamber takes a chance with everything on his album. His vocals are gritty, but not so granular that it implies he's bitter. His mixes are a combination of R&B, jazz and Southeastern influence. Lyrically, he tells it like it is without being too abrasive. Painting a picture with as little words as possible, Schamber rises above mediocrity on his first album.

Tri-City Herald | Atomic Town


Album Review — The Art of Being Alive
Diana Parra | Saint Louis, Missouri

Meet a man whose soul is not for sale, who doesn't understand what it means to fail. This rebel with a rhythm is poised for revolution … Yes this rebel is Savage Sun. This album is solid and sharp from beginning to end. The album reflects passion, love, determination and faith. Pick up a copy today, let your self be transported into a surreal experience with this diverse true underground hip-hop album that perfectly blends rhythms like R&B, jazz, rock, electric guitars and even blues. The Art of Being Alive is definitely one on the hits of 2008!!

Diana Parra


Album Review — The Art of Being Alive
Marc Cabrera | Monterey Herald & The Beat

The opening sequence of Savage Sun's album, The Art of Being Alive, begins with the sounds of spring: birds chirping, an audible sunrise and the mood of life's cycle regenerating with the morning glow. His album, released Sept. 23, in conjunction with the autumn equinox, is a toast to the seasons as well as a tribute to his adoptive father, the late Kenneth Theodore Schamber. Savage Sun is an MC now living in The Lou. His debut album, The Art of Being Alive, is a live wire mix of esoteric lyricism and mood music inspired by the seasons. Sun is in the lineage of poets/MCs who use their music to inspire and vent.

Monterey Herald | The Beat

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